P.A.R.I.S SA SCOP announces the acquisition of its assets by Abliance SAS

Compiègne, France, March 20, 2014

P.A.R.I.S SA SCOP is proud to announce the acquisition of its assets by the new company ABLIANCE SAS, a limited company with a capital of 100 000 Euros. Our organization assists worldwide more than 300 clients in their production of antibodies and their development projects.

Based on its new financial structure and its 14years expertise, ABLIANCE keeps developing its customers portfolio on the R&D and industrial markets. Meantime, our huge investment plans will accompany the development of our production and control labs for current and future clients.

ABLIANCE’s clients are Major healthcare companies and Startups who have heavy regulatory and standardizing requirements. Our scientific expertise and our high level of traceability perfectly match with the future challenges of our clients. Approved by the French Ministry of Research, we are familiar with each customer’s requirement.

For R&D and Production services, our project managers provide their expertise in a standardized and certified environment, supported by our three scientific advisors, for the following offer:

  • Hybridoma development
  • In vitro production of monoclonal antibodies
  • Cell banking
  • Antibody purification, labeling, fragmentation
  • Control services


Last but not least, ABLIANCE offers a wide range of secondary antibodies used by research and industry.

With new European rules coming soon, ABLIANCE offers, through its production facilities close to Paris and its university network, a great visibility and excellent security of supply to the industry and laboratories in a confidential and professional partnership:

  • IVD industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Agro-food and Environmental industries
  • Research laboratories


The catalog of products and services of ABLIANCE of course remains the same. ABLIANCE resumes, in the same conditions, the commercial proposals and agreements initially signed by P.A.R.I.S.


This new structure will accelerate the R&D projects and allow our production department to face a fast growing activity. I personally thank each of our prestigious customers, all renowned in their fields of activity: you have entrusted our team since the company was founded in year 2000. With the strength of our new structure, we commit ourselves to a long-term supply with a continuously improved quality.

Amélie Rafael, Operations Manager